BIM Manager

Can you lead a BIM-project from start to finish? Are you great at presenting and leading a vision and strategy, managing different BIM-profiles and coordinating BIM at a corporate level? Then this job opening might be perfectly suited for you!

You are responsible for:

  • Presenting and leading a vision and strategy in line with values and strategic drivers

  • Managing the different BIM profiles on projects
  • Voordinating BIM at corporate level
  • Leading a BIM project from A to Z

You are able to:

At corporate level:

  • Act as contact person within the Engineering Department for any BIM-related question

  • Propose, agree and implement a vision on BIM and Digital Transformation together with the Head of BIM, Digital and Sustainable solution of the Engineering Department
  • Follow-up of the BIM developments and control of the budget.
  • Organize, monitor and manage BIM resources (hiring procedure, development and budgeting)
  • Provide internal and external lectures and training on BIM Vision.
  • Internal & external networking

At project management level:

  • Understand the project’ contractual requirements and clearly define expected BIM scope.
  • Define BIM Information workflows and key procedures.
  • Define the required BIM resources needed and provide training if required.    
  • Prepare BIM ICT requirements in terms of software and hardware.
  • Establish a BIM schedule in line with the overall project schedule.
  • Estimate a BIM budget and monitor it.
  • Follow-up and support the BIM leaders in their scope (Structure, Architecture, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire, Electrical & IT, Communication systems, 3D scanning, QS surveying, Methods and Coordination).
  • Serve as focal point for BIM, internally, with client, partners and subcontractors.
  • Participate in writing the BIM technical requirements and work interface elements of the subcontractors’ BIM obligations towards the Contractor.
  • Schedule and act as chairman of BIM coordination meetings.
  • Report to the project’ design manager till the detailed design phase and to the technical manager from construction documentation till handover phase.
  • Establish BIM progress reports on agreed frequency.
Translate above into a BIM Management plan (in collaboration with all stakeholders) and ensure its content is followed. The objective of the BIM Management plan shall be in line with the overall project management objectives.

At information management level:

  • Apply BIM information workflows and key procedures.
  • Enable reliable information exchange through a common data environment.

  • Maintain and receive information into the Information Model.
  • Populate the information exchange format for the Information Model.
  • Configure information for Project Outputs.
  • Back-up and restore BIM data in collaboration with ICT.    
  • Provide remote access and access-rights to BIM data to designated stakeholders, including subcontractors and client.
  • Facilitates integral design coordination by model compilation (“detects but does not solve clashes”), often assisted by a BIM coordinator.

  • Guarantee coherence and quality of BIM models. 
  • Validate compliance of BIM models with BIM standards with assistance of BIM Leaders.
  • Understand, explain and apply the PAS 1192-2&3 and most common standards.


You have a Master’s Degree in Construction or Architecture.
You worked as BIM Manager and have at least 5 years of experience in BIM (mandatory).

Following experiences are considered as a plus:

  • A BIM experience on a large project(s)
  • The management of a project and its team.

  • The management of several multi-disciplinary small scale projects – support service. 
  • You are aware of the possibilities of the main used modeling software (Revit, Civil 3D, Tekla, Inventor & ArchiCAD).

  • You are aware of the possible digital mapping software (Recap, Pix4D, etc.)
  • You are proficient with the use of BIM Management software (Navisworks Manage and Solibri Model Checker) and Issue Management System (BIM Collab, BIM Glue and BIM Track).
  • You are experienced in the use of the most known Common Data Environment (BIM 360, Project Wise, Aconex, Bricsys and ProCore).
  • Experience in (open) BIM standards like IFC, IDM, IFD, Cobie, BCF is mandatory.
  • Experience with 4D and 5D BIM processes and tools is a plus (Synchro, Vico, etc.).
  • Knowledge of ERP system and possible interfaces with BIM tools is a plus (RIBiTwo).
  • Experience in programming with Grasshopper/Dynamo is a plus.
  • You are able to remain organized under time pressure.
  • You can prioritize work demands according to available time and resources.

  • You have a good overview of the construction processes and disciplines.
  • You have excellent communication skills, both writing and verbal.
You remain professional in all circumstances.
  • You are able to make a team perform successfully and you give a regular and proactive feedback 
  • You are fluent in English, French and Dutch.
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